PictLeap Co.,Ltd. is a company that creates distinctive electronic devices by taking advantage of synergy among group companies.

Our business development field is for two, electronic display and security products. By using the optical film technology and unique display system design these are the strength of Polatechno Group, we will provide displays that show clear image in any environment, security sensors that are thin and have high reliability, and other relative products.

The company name of PictLeap comes from the word ‘Picture’ (short for Picture) which means drawing pictures, and the word ‘Leap’ which means making a leap forward and making a special appearance. The name of the company have means "We will draw a picture of growth as in harmony with the environment and create special products".

We want to create products that satisfy our customers and make them happy, and also we want to make a leap forward in the “Reiwa” era.

President and CEO
Norio Koma


Established April 1st, 2019
Capital ¥100,000,000
Main Business Activities Designing, manufacturing and selling of electronic displays, security products and products related to those products
Sites Head Office
192-6, Aza Shimogawara, Inamasu, Itakura ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture 944-0101, Japan

Tokyo Office
Kanda 4th Park Building F7, 1-4-4 Iwamoto town, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, 101-0032, Japan
Tokyo Metro Kodenma town 3 minutes on foot
Tokyo Metro Iwamoto town 7 minutes on foot
JR Kanda 7 mitutes on foot
Major stockholder and stockholding ratio Polatechno.Co.,Ltd. 100%