Pict Leap Co.,Ltd. is developing a new display with “MUSAISYOKU” polarizer that can achieve pure white, high luminance and high durability.

The proprietary functional film such as "MUSAISYOKU" polarizer and optical film used in our display are created by Nippon Kayaku Co.,Ltd., which has strengths in developing chemical materials, and Polatechno Co.,Ltd., which has strengths in film technology and manufacturing.
We are creating new displays by taking advantage of the features of these optical functional films.

Market & Applications

  • Digital signage monitor
  • IoT instruments
Nippon Kayaku Website
Polatechno Website

Development Kit of
4.2inch Ultra-low power True White monitor


  • 4.2inch Reflective LCD (400xRGBx300)
  • 8 colors with True White
  • Reflectance enhancement film (option)
  • CPU and communication chip: BL652
  • Bluetooth v5 supported
  • Sample FW&APPS provided
    (Stand-alone / Tiling / Smartphone link)
  • Ultra-low power consumption
    ~100uW @ animation mode (Stand-alone)
  • Development environment
    Laird smartBasic or Nordic SDK
    Easy access to BL652 GPIO pins


  • Outdoor Indicator
  • Eye catch POP
  • Smart Home
  • Handheld equipment


Initial lot: 80 Set
Sales date: Middle of June 2019
Price: 27,800 JPY
For reservation please contact us via email.

*Product specifications may change without notice.

Product Summary

True White expression on the reflective LCD is realized with newly developed “MUSAISYOKU™ polarizer” by Polatechno co.,Ltd. In addition, more than x2 reflectance is achievable with a reflectance enhancement film in a condition of upper side located light source (optional).

The reflective LCD has 3 bit SRAM in each pix, which allows to display an animation mode (Flip book of stored 3 pictures) with ultra-low power consumption of ~100uW.

This development kit includes Laired BL652 (CPU/BLE chip). Rapid proto-typing would be possible with this development kit.


We are focusing on the development of new certificated devices and applied products that can be used unconsciously to familiar applications with higher security level as security awareness of information and assets increases.