PictLeap is developing original display using MUSAISYOKU polarizer which achieves pure white and high durability.

32-inch ultra-low power consumption display

Reflective display using natural light causes less eyes strain and has superior visibility in outdoor use

Off-grid outdoor display system

This digital signage system could work anywhere and effective even during power outages

4.2-inch ultra-low power consumption display

Includes a miniature battery and available to use for a long time
Purpose: POP, Electronic Name Tag; Electronic Shelf Label

10-inch monochrome reflective LCD

Purpose: Tablet computer and others

Custom LCD / Technical consulting

Custom LCD and technical consultant are available. Please contact us.

4.2-inch ultra-low power consumption display (Development kit)

BL662 (CPU/BLE chip) by Laired is included and rapid prototyping is available by using only this kit

8.4 inch (tiling) ultra-low power consumption display
  • Outstanding visibility under the sunlight
  • Outdoor bulletin boards which are bus stop timetables and others are available to introduce with low cost
Display card
    Application example:
  • Convenience store: Increase costumer attraction using for employee name tags and POP displays and improve store image
  • Event venue: Describe about yourself more smoothly at the handshaking event and others
  • Wedding hall: Memorable wedding by sending a message individually to your guests
  • Hospital nursing facility: Hospital beds, name badges for doctors, nurses, caregivers to reduce mistakes and activate communications


2020.10.21 News Release

Development of Smart ID Card with Reflective LCD, having Ultra Low Power Consumption
We have developed LCD Smart ID Card, by combining "ultra-low-power-driving" technology for reflective LCD and "thickness-reduction" technology.
Display image on LCD screen is changeable through BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) communication in real time, which enables to create a variety of application, as card device.

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2020.07.06 News Release

“Liquid Crystal Display Which Can Be Photographed By Infrared Camera(IR-LCD)” Have Been Successfully Developed
Our IR-LCD could overcome it by structuring that a reflector which reflects infrared lights and an infrared polarizer which has function of polarization against infrared range are placed in the LCD. We are expecting to apply this new LCD to the digital license plate for car use, and others. which is difficult to use the conventional LCD because of security concerning.

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2020.02.07 News Release

Announcement of development of 32 inch outdoor display system without power supply
Our company developed 32-inch off-grid outdoor display system comes with lighting for night, solar battery and the 32-inch high performance reflective LCD. This system is continuously displayable under the no power supply environment and has excellent outdoor visibility.

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2019.12.04 News Release


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2019.05.13 News Release

Announcement of Start of Sales (4.2 inch monitor)
We have announced the start of sales of 4.2inch Reflective monitors. True White expression on the reflective LCD is achieved with newly developed “MUSAISYOKU™ polarizer” by Polatechno co.,Ltd. This development kit includes Laired BL652 (CPU/BLE chip). Rapid proto-typing would be possible with this development kit.
The start of sales will be in the middle of July 2019.

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2019.05.01 News Release

Exhibit at SID display week 2019
We are Pleased to announce that Pict Leap is going to exhibit our products at SID display week 2019 exhibition at San Jose, California USA from May 14th to 16th.
We look forward to having you at San Jose McEnery convention center Booth 1928 of Moxtek, Inc.. Moxtex, Inc. is a group company of Polatechno Co.,Ltd.

2019.04.01 News Release

Announcement of Establishment of New company 「Pict Leap Co.,Ltd.」


PictLeap Co.,Ltd. is a company that creates distinctive electronic devices by taking advantage of synergy among group companies.


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